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The Power of Diversity

Diversity breeds creativity and innovation. What a gift it is that we live in the “New World” where we each come from a different place. Whether our origins are from a foreign country or we are native born, we bring a different perspective to our lives. People with the same background and experiences tend to have shared viewpoints. Our differences contribute to a more dynamic, disruptive perspective that fosters the brilliance of our country.

This brilliance is clearly evident in American furniture design throughout history.  Starting in 1640 with the Early American style, style was influenced with each wave of immigration and the opening of the US to foreign influences. The Shaker style in 1820 was named after a religious movement of the period that influenced its simple, utilitarian style. The Modern and Post Modern styles were influenced by Asian and African as the world shrank in size due to technology. 

When we design our furniture, we access the deep history of American furniture design to bring ideas that resonate with us. Our popular Mid-Century designs echo the period of American design greats and combines their ideas in a modern sensibility. These are items with a timeless, clean and minimalistic look that fit well in contemporary homes and interiors. 

Whatever the style or look that you love – be adventurous. Take advantage of our varied history to introduce unique and personal styles into your home.


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