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America the Beautiful - Happy 4th of July

America the Beautiful

Happy 241st Birthday America.

From sea to shining sea, America is beautiful.  "As Ronald Reagan emphasized, America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere."  Its historically welcoming flag has greeted the aspirational and the downtrodden and has led to a success story that has been unrivalled. 

America is its diverse people.  America is that goal that can be reached with hard work.  America is a place where all are free to speak their mind.  America is a place where differences of opinion are celebrated and encouraged.  America is a place of larger than life dreams that are often realized.  America is a place of giants of science, industry, arts and business. 

America is Hollywood and Broadway.  America is Wall Street and Main Street.  America is California, Chicago, Texas and Montana.  America is Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Walt Disney.  America is Robin Williams and Albert Einstein.  America is Ronald Regan and Barak Obama.  America is all encompassing and expansive. 

There is much to love about America.  It is open roads, blue skies and the radio playing The Boss at full volume.  It is the fresh Pacific wind blowing gently across our face.  It is the bustling noise of humanity and traffic crossing Times Square.

America inspires the world to achieve more.  It leads us all in its innovation and creativity. 

Happy Birthday America.  We wish you well.


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