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Canada at 150

We are Native.  We are British and French.  We are Italian, Irish and Jew.  We are Dutch and Albanian.  We are German, Belgian and Swiss.  We are American.  We are Vietnamese, Nepalese, Indian and Pakistani.  We are Shiite, Sunni, Protestant, Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Zoroastrian.  We are devote and secular. We are Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian and Israeli.   We are Gay. We are straight.  We are Tanzanian and Gahian.  We are Russian and Ukrainian.   We are Yazidi and Iraqi.  We are Japanese and Chinese.  We are the two Koreas.  We are Brazilian, Venezuelan, Argentinian, Chilean and Bolivia.


We come from everywhere.   We believe in everything, anything and nothing.  We are Conservative, Liberal, Green, Socialist, Communist and Anarchist.  We believe in French Separatism and Canadian Nationalism.  We are few and we are many.  We welcome all.

We are Canadian. 

We are diverse.  We are multicultural.  We believe in equality.  We explore our differences and find joy in them.  We celebrate each others holidays.  We revel in our different customs.  We are interested and engaged.  We destroy the notion of “the other” and build the idea of “together”.  We have created a world where the equality of all is OK.  We have understood that it does not endanger anyone and only adds to the fabric of our lives. 

We are Canadian.

We are not afraid.  We cannot be made to fear.  We know the other of which they speak.  The other was once us.  We fight for light and hope.  We embrace our blended future with pride and happiness.  We understand the struggle which has brought us here.

We are Canadian.  At 150 years old, we have achieved greatness.  Our hearts are full.