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Colors We Love - The Glory of Gold

Gold represents wealth, richness and achievement. From time immemorial, it has decorated us with our jewelry, it has enhanced our tapestries with golden threads, and it has enthralled us with passion and glory. When we think of gold, we think of golden sunsets, golden memories, golden fields and golden years. Gold has become more and more popular in interior design over the past years, as it has been added into various furniture and home decor design elements.

In the past little while, we too have added a range of gold items to our furniture collections. One area that really excites us is our new Indian made range of accent tables. These tables fit in so many places in your home. These sparkles of color add texture and dynamism to your space. Simpli Home - Metal Accent Tables

Pictured Above (left to right): Rhys, Patrice, Sadie, Selma, Kristy

The Selma Metal/Wood Accent Table with its patterned legs and rectangle mango top is a beautiful little table that can be used beside your sofa, in your living room, den, great room or even as a bedside table in your bedroom. We have a number of other such tables that combine gold and the beautiful natural look of mango wood. Take a look at our Sadie Metal/Wood Accent Table, our Kristy Metal/Wood Accent Table, or our Rhys Metal/Wood Accent Table. Each of these with their different geometric shaped bases, there round, square or rectangular shapes and their natural mango wood table tops are stunning. Simpli Home - Keller and Shannon Pouf

Pictured Above (left to right): Keller Square Pouf and Shannon Square Pouf

Or look at some of our new poufs. Our Shannon Square Pouf with its checkerboard pattern of black, white and gold, is both practical, inexpensive and comfortable. Our Keller Square Pouf with its linear pattern, also combines black and gold beautifully.

Gold is beautiful. Welcome it into your home and live a Life by Design.
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