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Jump into Spring. Get up to 25% Off

Forget about Black Friday - Cyber Monday is where it is at!

True, Black Friday began the custom of intense shopping during the time after Thanksgiving, but in 2017 Cyber Monday (or Week) has definitely taken over.  The excitement is now online.  Why go wait all night in the freezing cold, when with a few short clicks you can get the same thing online delivered to your home within a day or two?

We should all thank Ellen Davis, Senior Vice President of Research and Strategic Initiatives at the National Retail Federation, who coined the term in 2005.  She identified the the interesting trend that was happening online in the days post Black Friday. 

With every year we become more accustomed to shopping online.  When 50, 60 and 70 year olds are shopping online with ease and comfort, you know that we have reached a tipping point.  The deals are amazing, and the simplicity and convenience of shopping online is paramount.  Further, there are many products, like Simpli Home products, that are only available online.

We at Simpli Home believe that you deserve the best price, so we offer our products directly to our customers on our own website or those of our e-commerce partners.  We have read this amazing e-commerce wave for the past 5 years and know that we are only at the beginning of this amazing experience.

Shop our incredible Cyber Monday deals now!

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