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Drum Tables Are Not Bongos!

There is a common misconception that our new Metal Drum Tables are actually Bongos that are meant for drumming. While this might be possible and even tempting, it is not advised. True, when I was younger working in my father’s Home Improvement Centre, I often realized my drumming fantasies as I drummed on the various 5 gallon cans of paint imaging I was performing before an audience. When we were first developing our new line of Metal Drum Tables, I often realized the dreams of my youthful self, and reached out and laid some heavy beats on these beautiful pieces of furniture. In their perfectly formed metal shapes, I tried to create different sounds and tones from my drummed beats.  So, I can understand your temptation to put our drum end tables between your legs, and launch your inner Beatnik and play your fantasy bongos. So, if you have to, just go do it.

What we would suggest, however, is to use our Ramey, Flanigan, Troy, Garvy, Sheridan or Whitney the way they were meant to be used, as an elegant, funky, cool, hip mid-century styled end or side table. These are perfect accent tables, some with storage and some without. The metal finishes are distressed, antiqued or made rustic. They are complex and refined. In your eclectic space, they serve to accent your upholstered couch or chairs. While designed to fit a modern mid-century environment, these are flexible pieces that can be used in most contemporary styles and a spark of style.

So, if you want style check out our magnificent drum tables. But, if you want to let loose your inner Beatnik, that’s cool too.

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