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Every Room is your Office

Simpli Home Hunter Wood CollectionWorking from home is the new normal and most of us are spending our entire day indoors. It has been 8 long months since we began working from home. During that time, most of us have struggled to transform our homes into comfortable work spaces. We quickly realized that every corner of our houses were potential working areas. Every day I find myself working on my couch, in my home office, in my bed, at my dining table or at my kitchen counter.   

When every room in your home is your new office, you need the right practical and functional furniture to facilitate your work. With our idea of a home office changingwe need furniture that will allow us to work comfortably in any room and in any position. 

Here are six key pieces of furniture, that help create a comfortable work environment in your home:  

  1. Lift Top Coffee Tables are essential items for facilitating work in your living room. Seated on your most comfortable accent chair or sofayou need the right height table for your laptop or cup of coffee.  The multi-purpose, Mid-Century Modern Industrial Hunter Lift Top Coffee Tables are beautiful rectangular or square coffee tables made from solid Mango Wood and Metal that are perfect for work. These furniture pieces are the best replacement of your standard coffee table, as they are uniquely functional. Using the lift top mechanism, you can raise the top to a comfortable level to place all your working material at a convenient distance.  arm's length.   Isn’t it cool? If you need another option, check out our Harrison Coffee Table Storage Ottoman with Lift Top.
    Simpli Home Harrison Coffee Table Storage Ottoman
  2. C Tables provide practical solution when working in a comfortable space such as your living or family room. C Tables are unique in that they allow you to sit comfortably on your sofa while working on your laptop or eating a meal.  The Skyler C Tables come in multiple wood-stained finishes perfect for any décor.  They are made from Solid Mango Wood and Metal in a Mid Century Modern Industrial style. In this COVID world, every room has become a workspace, so let's get comfortable.
    Simpli Home Skyler C Side Table
  3. My kitchen counter is often the space where I like to work. To do so, I needed the perfect Counter Height Bar Stool so that I could work comfortably.  Our Randolph 26-inch Bentwood Counter Height Stool is a sleek, Mid Century bar stool that comes in a wide range of fabric and leather colorsIt has that perfect height that helps me to maintain proper body posture when working.
    Simpli Home Randolph Counter Height Stool
  4. My Home Office is still the place where I work most.  After sitting there for the past 8 months, needed to redecorate replacing my old desk and chair with some more modern pieces. To boost my mood and productivity, I needed an attractive workspace, which looks inspiring and fresh. My first move was to replace my existing desk with our Sawhorse 60-inch-Wide Desk in Distressed Grey. This solid wood desk has an integrated keyboard tray and clean contemporary look. Next, and most importantly, i replaced my office chair with the Brewer Swivel Office Chair which has excellent back support, cushioned seat and armrest as well as a very stylish look.
    Simpli Home Brewer Office Chair
  5. Working from home also demanded that I get organized.  To so, I looked to our many bookcase options. Our solid wood Amherst 5-Shelf Bookcase that is available in so many colors and has so much storage proved to be a life saver. It gives me plenty of space to store all my work and personal essentials.
Simpli Home Amherst Bookcase
Last thoughts are – Get Comfortable, Get Productive, and make sure you lead a balanced life enjoying the things that are precious and important like family and friends. 
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