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Finally - 2021: Live, Work, Play

Finally - 2021: Live, Work, Play

At last, 2020 is behind us. The new year has come, and we are looking forward to a new start, a new beginning where we redefine ourselves and return to some kind of normality. 2021 promises to be year where we still have to work through lockdowns, social distancing and face masks, but we will also emerge to a more hopeful time.   

This pandemic has redefined how we live and how we work. Where we live, is now where we do everything. As a result, throughout 2020 we have seen our customers buy our furniture with an intensity that we have never before witnessed. We anticipate that 2021 will see this trend continue, with all of us making sure that our living space is as comfortable, functional, and stylish as possible. As times remain difficult, our goal as company is to allow you to be able to achieve this goal as affordably as possible. You deserve the best quality at a price you can afford. 

Your home has now become a place where you Live, Work, and Play. No longer do you come home to work to spend evenings with the family. Today, where you live is where you work and where your children study. When you arrange a date night, it is at home playing a board game with your date. Even if the place where you live is “open”, our lives are more centered around our homes.  

To Live well, you have to be comfortable. Sit back on our classically styled Kildare Tub Chair with Faux Leather or Linen Look Fabric and Nail Heads, put your feet up on our Brody Square Leather Pouf and relax. Take a look at our wide selection of poufs, chairs and ottomans to really make your home cozy and functional. 

Working at home has taken over your whole house. While we still work at our home office, if we have one, we also work at our kitchen or dining room table, our kitchen counter, our couch, sofa, or comfy recliner, our den, our family room, our bed, on our entryway bench, or in our basement. In short, our homes have now become our office. It has now become essential that every area is laptop friendly. The best way we know that you can work on your couch, is with a lift-top table or ottoman. Our Hunter Lift Top Rectangular or Square Coffee Tables, made from solid mango wood, are essential pieces critical to allow you to work or eat while seated on your sofa or couch. Their clean lines, and industrial style makes them perfect focal points in your mid-century or industrial setting. For easy work at your kitchen counter, our Randolph 26-inch Bentwood Counter Height Stools or Marana Bentwood Gas Lift Bar Stools, are beautiful and functional mid-century bar stools that make working or eating there a snap. To set up your perfect home office, check out our designer Erina or Lowry Office Desks made from Solid Acacia wood and Metal. Industrial in style, contemporary in feel, these desks are will make your home office the most stylish room in your house. 

Going out while staying in is a challenge. We all long for the days when we could go out to a movie, or meet friends for dinner and a drink. While things are opening up, we all still feel a little wary. To Play in your home, set up your dining area with our mid-century Malden dining chairs or our classic, traditional Cosmopolitan Deluxe Tufted Parson Chairs. Add one of our Eastwood dining tables to them and make a perfect set. 

It’s going to be a while until we get back to a new normal, however that will look like.  In the meantime, make your house your home with Simpli Home. 




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