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Finding your Perfect Match

Chances are, you have met your perfect match already. Passing by the storefront window, you have seen that perfect ottoman, or that beautiful accent chair.

You exchanged glances, but you walked on. February is the month where we stand proud and announce our love to the world! Celebrate your style sense, and your preference and pick that bold green chair, that funky pouf or that crazy ottoman. 2018 is the year where you can be who you want to be and feel pride in who you are.

Our new Copper Ottman is my true love. I was inspired to create this beautiful piece when I stayed in a luxury hotel in China. Taking my cues from there, we created this beautiful, graceful, elegant ottoman made from formed metal and box stitched distressed faux air leather cushion.

This extra-large 60-inch ottoman bench sits on a X style gun metal grey base that reflects an Industrial style sensibility with a Contemporary urban feel. The cushion, floating effortlessly above, is made with distressed faux air leather that feels soft and comfortable to the touch. This bench comes in distressed black or brown and can be used almost anywhere. I have it at the end of my bed, but it also looks great in the hallway, entryway, living room or den.

Take those 2 or 3 totally eclectic furniture pieces, and bring them together in a way where the world sees how they blend together. Use your design sense to explore, to invent and to find the perfect look for your home.

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