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Grey | All Color is Beautiful

Grey.  People often think of grey as a sad and forlorn color. I think of grey as a spectacular color filled with power and majesty. Grey for me, is the color of storm clouds in the distance. It is the color of a calm, stoic day. It is the hope of April showers. It is this grey of a wise old man. Grey is the whole package.

In design, grey is such an unemotional color. It is detached, neutral, and impartial.  Psychologically, grey is the color of compromise – being neither black nor white.  It is the transition between two non-colors. The closer grey gets to black, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes. The closer it gets to silver or white, the more illuminating and lively it becomes. 

Using it as the basic color of the furniture in your home gives you so many creative opportunities to add some pizzazz. Gray calls out for a splash of blue here, a splash of red there. It really can make your home elegant and spectacular.

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