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Brown is Beautiful


I love the color brown and all it represents. Brown is the color of earth, wood, stone, stability, warmth and honesty. Brown is a walk in the woods in the early spring when the trees are beginning to blossom and the soil is rich with the smell of hope. Brown represents everything from peace and calm to wholesomeness and reliability. Brown is elemental and the basis for all natural things. Brown is Gaia, mother earth.

In interior design, brown is considered a neutral color. Because it is made from a mixture of several colors – black, yellow, gray, green, red or orange – it can serve as a basis for most of your home design. Used in this way, brown gives us a sense of security and stability. It can add depth and warmth to your room setting.


Brown serves as the design platform for many of our homes. Many of us have natural wood floors that ground us. We add brown leather or faux leather couches, ottomans as our basic furniture pieces.

Our occasional pieces are most often made from wood – and are commonly stained with a light or dark brown stain. It is on this base that we then add our splashes of colors and accents that convey our personality from the warmth of our “brown” home.

In short, brown grounds us and makes us whole. It is earth and it is life.

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