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It’s Great to Be Quirky

You are weird. You are unique. You are special. You are extraordinary. You are strange. You are amazing. You are Simpli You! An individual of remarkable individuality that brings a new spin on how things should be. We applaud your quirkiness and want to help.

Each of us brings an element of newness to this planet. We bring our special points of view and sense of style. In our lives, we are gloriously quirky. We like the color green matched with the color purple. We like to have an antique Chinese vase placed beside an iconic mid-century TV stand. We like to dip our french fries in mayonnaise. We write obscure poetry and like to paint abstract portraits in our spare time. We march to our own drummer, and don’t care what people think. We are innovative and like to think outside the box.

We applaud you. We like what you have to offer. We like your strange specialness and think that you deserve to enhance it with beauty. We have lots of unique items that can support your individuality and encourage to mix things up and be eclectic. Take our Turquoise Rodney Metal Accent Table. It’s a little wonky, a little strange, but it is so beautiful with its strands of angled wire creating a light and beautiful end table. Or how about our Sadie or Rhys Accent Tables? Gold finished square or round shaped metal frame crowned by a beautiful natural mango table top. Definitely quirky. 


Poufs are the icing on the cake. They are the cherry on top of your sundae. They go anywhere and everywhere and come in lots of shapes and sizes. They are round, square, and rectangular. They are knitted and stitched. They are made of fabric, wool, and leather. They are single colors and multi-color. They can be used as a footstool, small seat or headrest. You can throw them at each other and have fun. You can chill on them and have a good talk. The Warhol Chair is Mid-Century funky. It reminds us of a chair in a spaceship. Soft air leather lends comfort to this striking piece of art. The Roundstone Chairs are Mid-Century classic tub chairs. They are cheerfully colorful in turquoise, green, blue, and grey. They are young and hip. They are that girl in the coffee shop with turquoise hair.

Celebrate your Quirkiness. Revel in your individuality.

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