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A No-nonsense, Straightforward Style is Back with A Vengeance

The Mid-Century Modern style refers to interior and furniture design that was developed from 1933 to 1965 and hit its initial peak popularity in the 50’s and early 60’s. Coined by art historian Cara Greenberg in 1983, the phrase ‘Mid-Century Modern’ points to a no-nonsense, straightforward style, which celebrates the notions of functionality, ease and modern simplicity and evokes the clean sculptural lines of the perfectly balanced aesthetic that it describes. The furniture style is influenced heavily by Scandinavian and International design of that time that experimented with new materials and technologies.

Today the Mid-Century Modern look has returned with a vengeance. Since the 1990’s, original vintage pieces have been sold at increasingly high prices. In the past number of years, Simpli Home has introduced a range of high quality Mid-Century Modern inspired pieces. We believe that Mid-Century pieces are simply well-designed objects, with a timeless look that sits well in contemporary homes and interiors. They still feel fresh today and still feel modern. They are timeless and elemental. 


The Simpli Home Draper and Harper collections are made from solid hardwood and are inspired by classic mid-century styling. Functional and stylish with clean lines and elegant detailing, the furniture pieces are stained in both the original “teak” based color as well as rich medium auburn and walnut browns. 

Simpli Home has a range of ottomans and chairs that evoke this classic period. Take a look at our Dax Bentwood Office Chair, Roundstone Tub Chairs, Draper Dining Chairs and many more to see elements of the beautiful styling of that time.

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