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Simpli Home Celebrates Women - Life by Amy

This March we are celebrating all of our amazing women. Our office is filled with remarkable women, who contribute their intelligence, creativity and power to our success. This month, we would like to introduce a number of them to you.


My name is Amy, and I have been working at Simpli Home for the past year. I am currently working as a Supply Chain Associate. Working for a growing e-commerce company has been a great roller coaster experience with some amazing people! 

Where do you come from? I was born and raised in Hong Kong, China – where futuristic skyscrapers rub shoulders with colonial buildings and traditional Chinese temples. My studies began in Hong Kong but have continued my studies in the US and Canada. Always learning!

What is your favorite hobby? On my free time I like to write, scrapbook, take walks, day dream (hehe) and SLEEPING of course!!!

What style defines you? I like minimalism. Simple, nothing complicated.

What is your favorite room to relax in after a long day of work? After a long day of work, I love to just sit on my sofa and watch some TV or put on a movie. But my best friend after work is my bed!

What Simpli Home product are you looking at to complete your home? Currently on my wish list are the Milltown ottoman benches (both sizes) in grey linen – my favorite products so far. I would love to have both the large and small ottoman benches to make my place nice and comfy.

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