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When we talk about small yet versatile seating, Poufs are the ultimate options. Poufs are easy to move stool-like ensembles, which are excellent for adding extra seating to your room without bothering about space and size. Poufs also work best as footrests and side tables. Additionally, these makeshift chairs can also be bought to add charm to your existing home décor. As Poufs are available in many shapes, sizes and materials, everyone can find their tastes.

At Simpli-Home, we have a wide collection of quality proven poufs in different style, color, material, and size. You will definitely find the perfect match that will surely blend in with your unique decor and color scheme. Contemporary and transitional poufs are our most popular and hot-selling range. Moreover, we also have an exemplary range of Poufs for Sale, which are available at a discounted price without compromising with style and quality.

Color and Material: Owing to our slogan "Life By Design", we always strive to bring out the best material, design and color for our customers. Every color has its own unique personality, and it entirely depends on the type of room, taste, and vibe that what color or material will blend in well. So, when you choose us, we will ensure that you don't fall out of expectations. Whether a white pouf feels right for your interior or multicolor square pouf establishes the perfect connection, or you want to have a leather pouf to add bohemian style, we have everything for every taste. The casual and chic cotton hand knit pouf is a great alternative as an extra seat or a place to prop your feet. They are very light weight and portable so you can use them all over your house. You will also find poufs in different materials like Cotton, Faux Leather, Jute, Leather, Velvet, and other high-end materials.

Shape and Size: Poufs are a multifunctional piece of furniture, so you need to be very particular about the shape and size of the pouf depending on the area of the room, usability and decor. Ranging from square, cubical, cylindrical to round pouf, we have featured different shape and size of pouf that serves different utility.

Functionality: Poufs are super functional piece of furniture, which can be used as side table, coffee table, foot stool, extra seating or night stand. You can always consider poufs if you want to have a furniture that works for every room. Additionally, poufs are the perfect option for dressing up a family or kids room without taking up a lot of space.