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  • Distressed Blue

    Brewer Swivel Office Chair

  • Ryder Desk

  • Aleck Desk

  • Umber Brown

    Hunter Desk in Mango

  • Lowry Desk with Deep Drawers in Acacia

  • Ralston Bookcase in Acacia

  • Distressed Brown

    Reaney Office Chair

  • Grey

    Malden Office Chair

  • Keaton Desk in Acacia

  • Hampden Desk in Acacia

  • Distressed Charcoal Brown
    Rustic Natural

    Lowry Small Desk in Acacia

  • Samuels Office Chair

  • Rustic Natural Aged Brown

    Erina Flat Top Desk in Acacia

  • Clarkson Desk with side drawers

  • Milverton Desk in Acacia

  • Walnut

    Banting Bookcase in Walnut

  • Walnut

    Lowry Desk in Walnut

Home Office Furniture

Your home office furniture should be functional and comfortable so you can focus and get stuff done. It should also be attractive and fit with your home's overall vibe. Simpli Home offers an assortment of solid wood computer desks and bookcases, and stylish office desk chairs so you can pick and choose pieces to create your own perfect work-from-home space.

Computer Desks

Whether your home office desk is used as your 9-to-5 headquarters, a mail catch-all, or a craft table for the kids, it needs to be durable, functional, and the right size to fit your space. Our office desks are proudly handcrafted from sustainably sourced solid wood so you know they'll withstand heavy use. Many models come with storage drawers or open compartments, and some even come equipped with concealed keyboard trays, so you can keep the desktop neat and organized.

Office Desk Chairs

You spend a lot of time in your home office chair, making phone calls, paying bills, working, you name it. A work chair should be a piece of furniture you love to use AND love to look at. Seats that swivel 360 degrees and bases with castor wheels let you move freely around your workspace. Adjustable-height seats allow every family member to find their personalized level of comfort. 


A wooden book shelf is a smart storage solution for housing a lot of items and decreasing clutter. They are essential for keeping office supplies accessible and also for displaying art, photographs, and other mementos. Built to withstand years of use, Simpli Home's book shelves are handcrafted from solid wood and are versatile pieces that can be used in other rooms, like a dining room or living room.

Why Should You Buy Simpli Home Office Furniture?

Simpli Home’s mission is to make stunning, high-quality furniture affordable for everyone and for every space in your home, especially high-use areas like home offices. Check out our durable furniture for dining rooms, living rooms, outdoors, bedrooms, laundry rooms, entryways, and bathrooms.