Great quality is a right.

In an eCommerce age, quality assurance has become synonymous with high markups and premium pricing. Let’s set a new standard for value.






Commitment To Quality

You deserve a labor of love.


For true care and attention-to-detail, a human-touch is required. Simpli Home creates beautiful furniture products by hand, assembling and finishing each surface.

Product Tested

All Simpli Home products are tested in 3rd party laboratories to ensure the quality, durability, performance and safety of our furniture, as well as exceed market standards.

Certified Factories

Each manufacturing facility is regularly inspected for both safety and fair working conditions. That means treating workers right, paying them overtime, and ensuring a secure work environment.


The best ingredients are often simple.

Solid Wood

If you want it done right, don’t skimp on the materials. Simpli Home uses beautiful solid wood like acacia, aged elm, and mango to produce our furniture.

Sustainably Sourced

Preserving the planet’s trees, woodlands and forests is essential. All of Simpli Home’s wood comes from managed forests, preventing damage to old growth ecosystems.

Durable Fabric

High-quality means built to last. To produce multi-generational products, Simpli Home uses high-grade fabrics that are both dependable and stylish.

Guaranteed Quality

Let's take the stress out of shopping online.
Enjoy free cancellations, easy returns, home-pick-up returns, and 1-year warranty with product registration.