Live life without compromise.
Simpli Home delivers essential style without the tradeoff between price, quality, and design.

Discount Dealers

Fast furniture is a problem. It falls apart, is bad for the earth, and never looks quite right to begin with.

Imagine there was an easy way to find stylish furniture, without getting junk or paying too much. Simpli Home makes high-quality furniture accessible to everyone.

Ritzy Retailers

High-fashion retailers often produce high-quality furniture, but you pay through the nose to get it.

Traditional retailers charge 40-50%+ more for the same or lower quality and design as Simpli Home.

high quality furniture

We share the belief that everyone deserves something great. That’s why we make our high-quality furniture so affordable.

Our goal is to make great furniture more accessible to everyone by designing “high-value essentials”—furniture that makes you say “wow” throughout the entire experience. We keep it simple with solid materials, timeless designs, and easy shopping.

Simpli Home uses a disruptive business model, allowing us to offer high-end designs without the typical bloat and overhead of traditional brands. We pass the value over to you.

Why Simpli Home?

Life is short. Let's share what's good.

Your home is an extension of yourself. So are the brands you shop with. Join Simpli Home on our journey to do what’s right in business.

Simpli Home levels the playing field by putting great quality back on the table for everyone.

Quality is a process. Smart designs, solid materials, hand craftsmanship, and product testing. It’s the process you follow when you care about what you create and those who receive it.

Committed to do what’s right for the earth.

Our planet needs us. Simpli Home has committed to protect our forests and oceans.

100% plastic-neutral products
100% Sustainably Sourced Wood

Need a break? Let's stretch your dollar.

Learn the many ways to save with Simpli Home.

Find options for financing, discounts, referral offers and sales.

Join our global team.

Today our team is striving to achieve our vision: To be the most recognized global brand in affordable, high-quality furniture. We pursue this vision while actively working towards environmental sustainability, social justice, and equal opportunity. If this inspires you, we’d love to meet.

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