Refresh Your Living Room with Mid-Century Style Furniture

Refresh Your Living Room with Mid-Century Style Furniture

Mid-century modern style furniture has made a comeback recently and with no surprise it turned out to be the most relevant in today’s time. The origin of this iconic style dates back to the early-20th-century when the world was experiencing the fresh breeze of modernism. People were moving towards urban neighborhoods and thus smaller homes, which required compact and multi-functional furniture. Home décor and style of the space were highly influenced by post war modernization.

Why is Mid-Century Style Furniture Still Relevant?

Mid Century modern furniture has organic influences and is mostly multi-functional. Because of its simple forms and classic style, it makes any space look neat yet stylish.

The style of mid-century modern furniture is sleek and timeless and goes very well with any existing decor. You just need to pick the right color. Whether you want to design a bachelor's apartment or style a family home, unlike other decor styles, mid-century furniture goes well with every taste and is very democratic. 

For those, who have small spaces and want a breathable living space, mid-century furniture for living rooms work wonderfully because of its stylish yet compact design. These furniture doesn’t make your space look overfilled. 

Pro Tips to Blend Your Existing Style with Mid-Century

1) Consider Solid Wood, Antique Metal, and Upholstered Leather Furniture Pieces

Metal Side Table

Famous Designers during the 40's, 50’s and 60’s used their creativity and started making stylish tables and chairs using war materials. To give your living area an authentic mid-century vibe, you can bring in metal furniture pieces like Kenton Metal Side Table, Corbin Metal Side Table or Patrice Metal/Wood Accent Table. These metal tables are designed in a way that it never overpowers the existing style; instead, blends well.

To achieve mid-century modern style, you can also add a few accent pieces or independent furniture made of solid wood and balance it with existing décor. Ensure that the design is compact and has clean lines. Owen 36 inch Square Coffee Table Storage Ottoman, Harper 60 inch Wide TV Media Stand, Draper Mid Century Low Storage Cabinet, and Harper Bookcase with Storage can turn out to be best picks.

2. Incorporate Warm color with natural wood furniture pieces

Your Living space should showcase your taste and boast a comfortable vibe. Go with any of the warm shades like orange, rust, yellow that contrasts well with your existing color palette. For example, our Elton Square Leather Pouf or Sheffield Square Leather Pouf can help you create that mid-century modern look effortlessly. 

Hunter Lift Top Coffee Table or Lowry Coffee Table features sleek style. You can add any of the two as your centerpiece to achieve the desired look.

Hope we are able to help you in getting mid-century modern style. Consider all the tips and start by adding one piece at a time.