Solid Wood Matters

Solid Wood Matters

Over 14 years ago, we started building Ready to Assemble (RTA) furniture and selling it into stores. A long time has passed since then. But it was then that the origin of our philosophy about furniture design and construction started to crystallize. It was then that we decided that we wanted, no, needed to make furniture that was made from the best material that would excite and delight our customers. We decided then that we would make all of our RTA furniture out of solid wood. Scouring the globe, we looked for quality partners that could help us in our quest and produce beautiful, high quality, solid wood RTA furniture at affordable prices. First in Vietnam, then in India and Malaysia, we found great partners who with their attention to detail and high quality construction and finishes, were able to make the designs that we created to our exacting standards.

Why solid wood? When we could save costs by making products that looked the same, but were made with faux finishes on particle board or MDF substrates. Well, we decided that the beauty, the individuality, the uniqueness of solid wood is incomparable. More importantly, we grew up in a family lumber business, driving forklifts, loading trucks, and handling lumber on a regular basis. We knew that the durability of wood to be an unshakable truth.

In the early days, we started our wood journey in Vietnam and Brazil making our furniture out of solid pine. Each piece hand manufactured, lovingly created and carefully packaged. These early items, more conservative and contemporary in styling, have proved amongst our most popular to this day. These collections - Artisan, Acadian, Cosmopolitan and Warm Shaker - never ending popularity are due to their universal appeal and wide ranging functionality and color options.  These collections include functional solutions for a living room, bedroom, entryway, dining room, basement and den. These collections include entryway benches, wide, tall and regular sized TV stands, coffee, end and console tables of various sizes, storage cabinets, sideboards, hallway tables, bedside tables, dressers, chest of drawers and other pieces of furniture.

In the past number of years, with our explosive growth online, we have been liberated to create more and more unique, fashion forward, mid-century, industrial and exotic furniture pieces. We discovered the unique beauty of rubberwood, acacia and mango wood and their special multi-colored grain that made every piece of furniture special. We started distressing and wire brushing our finishes and created aged finishes. In India, we began combining metal and mango (soon sheesham wood too - beautiful!) and created an Industrial look for the 21st century (the Hunter, the Skyler, and the Nantucket). In Vietnam, we took the durable rubberwood and created new Mid-Century pieces (the Draper). 

Solid wood matters. While we sometimes, in our more current, ambitious items, we are forced to used engineered with woods and veneers - both for the stability and durability of the furniture and access to unique woods - we are committed to solid wood furniture as the ultimate in furniture design and are dedicated to bring this sensibility and quality to our customers at affordable prices.