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  • Chestnut Brown

    Connaught Entryway Storage Bench with Shelf

  • Westmont Entryway Hall Tree Bench

  • Acadian Entryway Storage Bench with Shelf

  • Ela Entryway Storage Bench

  • Lev Entryway Storage Bench

  • Acadian Small Entryway Storage Bench

  • Hickory Brown

    Amherst Small Entryway Storage Bench

  • Nessa Bench in Mango

  • Colton Bench

  • Wagner Bench in Acacia

  • Lewis Bench in Acacia

  • Harvey Bench in Mango

  • Durham Bench in Mango

  • Berkeley Small Entryway Bench in Mango

  • Rollins Bench in Mango

  • Hunter Bench in Mango

  • Berkeley Entryway Bench in Mango

Mudroom Benches

An entryway bench gives you a convenient place to take a seat and store your stuff in what is often a small, high-traffic space in your home. While functionality is essential, style is also important. Simpli Home makes entryway benches in a variety of styles to suit your needs and taste.

Pick a Seat

Let the available space in your entryway and your personal style guide your choice of mudroom bench. If you are looking for something that has a restrained, streamlined design, we have small entryway benches that simply provide a convenient place to sit as you take off or put on your shoes. If you have more space and prefer something robust, we have solid wood benches with backs and armrests for a comfortable, supportive seating experience.

Put it Away

Think of all the stuff you might keep in your entryway. Shoes, reusable shopping bags, dog leashes. You need a way to keep all that stuff neat and organized. An entryway bench with storage is the solution. These versatile pieces provide you with not just a place to sit but a place to store your things. Storage benches with lift-up lids that reveal hidden compartments are perfect for storing things you want to quickly grab before you leave the house. Some benches have drawers or pull-out baskets that can be used for storing hats, gloves, scarves, and toys you take to the park with the dog.

Quality Construction

No matter what style you choose, you can be sure that our benches are made with quality materials. All of our foyer benches are handcrafted with solid wood and hand-finished with stains to enhance the grain and lacquers to protect the surface. Some models have sturdy metal legs for a more modern look. Our storage benches with lift-up lids are equipped with child-safety hinges to keep little fingers safe. All of our drawers have metal glides for smooth, easy opening and closing.

More Entryway Furniture

Need more ideas on how to keep your entryway tidy? An entryway console table is one option. These tall, narrow accent tables have a long tabletop that can be used to hold your keys, wallet, and mail, or display decorative items. Many models come with additional storage space, like drawers or shelves. Another option is an entryway storage cabinet. These larger pieces offer more ways to store things, offering a mix of storage areas behind cabinet doors and drawers. If you’d like to see what’s stored away, choose an option featuring doors with tempered-glass windows.

Why Should You Buy Simpli Home Entryway Benches?

Simpli Home makes durable furniture for everyday life, which is what you need for a busy room like an entryway. Our mission is to make high-quality furniture affordable for everyone and for every room in your home. Check out our durable, stylish pieces for living rooms, dining rooms, offices, bedrooms, outdoors, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.