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  • Grey Natural
    Blue Natural

    Sweeney Square Pouf

  • Blue and Natural
    Green and Natural
    Magenta and Natural
    Earth Tone Brown

    Grady Pouf

  • Natural
    Cloud Grey

    Coates Pouf

  • Magenta and Natural
    Teal and Natural
    Blue and Natural
    Grey and Natural

    Cowan Pouf

  • Multi-Color

    Margo Pouf

  • Distressed Brown
    Distressed Black
    Distressed Grey
    Distressed Dark Brown

    Brody Pouf

  • Navy
    Slate Grey
    Golden Yellow

    Renee Round Pouf

  • Golden Yellow
    Dark Blue

    Grafton Pouf

  • Black
    Dark Blue

    Fredrik Pouf

  • Patterned Denim Melange
    Patterned Teal Melange
    Patterned Maroon Melange
    Patterned Grey Melange
    Patterned Aqua Melange

    Nate Pouf

  • Kilim Patterned

    Johanna Pouf

  • Patterned Black and Natural

    Brynn Pouf

  • Patterned Blue Melange
    Patterened Teal Melange
    Grey Melange

    Clay Pouf

  • Maroon Melange
    Blue Melange
    Grey melange

    Naya Cube Pouf

  • Multi-Color

    Zoey Cube Pouf

  • Dove Grey
    Candy Red
    Slate Grey

    Shelby Round Pouf

Floor Poufs

What is a pouf, you ask? A pouf is a comfy, versatile floor cushion that can be used as a footrest, seat, table surface, or even a decorative piece that brings a splash of color and texture to a room. Simpli Home pouf ottomans are solid enough to be a surface for beverages, video game controllers, and tablets—while soft enough to be a footrest and extra seating for guests.

Small in Size, Big in Style

No matter what your living room aesthetic and needs are, there's a Simpli Home pouf for you. Need extra seating? A tall, square pouf may be for you. Looking for a pouf that makes an excellent footrest? A shorter, circular pouf is your best bet. Choose from a variety of styles, materials, shapes, colors and patterns, from boho-inspired hand-knitted floor poufs in bright colors to more traditional, neutral-hued leather poufs that ooze sophistication.

Quality Construction

Our poufs for living rooms are hand constructed from durable materials. You'll see hand-knitted cotton, jute, sturdy genuine buffalo leather, and more. Some models are made with weather-resistant materials, making them great for using indoors as well as out. And don’t forget about the interior. The dense filling is supportive and helps the pouf keep its shape.

More Living Room Furniture

Simpli Home living room furniture makes it easy for you to pair pieces and create a functional, cozy space. Building a book nook? Pair your pouf ottoman with an accent chair for the ideal reading spot. Need more surfaces to stack your books? Browse solid wood end tables that are the perfect sidekick for any couch or chair. And speaking of couches, if you’re looking to add more seats to your space, our luxury sofas could be just what you need.

Why Should You Buy Simpli Home Living Room Poufs?

Simpli Home believes that great quality is a right. It is our mission to make gorgeous, high-quality furniture affordable for everyone and for every room in your home. Check out Simpli Home’s stylish furniture for bedrooms, offices, entryways, laundry rooms, bathrooms, outdoors, and dining rooms.