Coastal Style

It doesn’t matter where your house is and how many kilometers lie between it and the nearest coast. It's easy to create the atmosphere of a bright and warm “beach house” style. People often call it a beach house or otherwise a coastal style. The base in developing the beach house is by enhancing the natural textures.

Seagrass, straw, jute, oasis rattan chairs with a weave design and branches of trees in a giant vase. This adds natural warmth to nature. But don’t get too excited! To create the perfect balance, you have to add a little contrast. For example, a table with a glass counter will perfectly fit the room’s general appearance.

Coastal Color Palette

Coastal color palette can vary according to your taste. We suggest choosing shades of blue, seaglass green and warm grays for your base furniture such as sofas, chairs, and tables. Red and yellow are very often used by designers to develop the seaside authenticity but this should be used sparingly as to not overpower the breezy aesthetic.

Coastal Home Decor Tips

Achieve a coastal home vibe with these decor ideas:

  • Add blue ocean-inspired accents and create a seashell display on shelves and tables
  • Hang art and photography of oceans, coastlines, and aquatic scenes to elevate the space
  • Find furniture pieces in white and light birch to create an airy and easygoing beach house vibe across your home
  • Decorate the space with patterned poufs and light colored wood end tables to fill out a space
  • Visit your local art store and purchase natural fibre ropes to create DIY coasters or table mats