Farmhouse Style

A farmhouse style home often gives off a homey aesthetic aesthetic of being handmade with logs or reclaimed wood. Farmhouse style furniture is distinguished by its romance. Curved legs on the chairs and tables are principal elements and are seen as the typical characteristics of farmhouse furniture style. Although the basis of this style is elegance, it can vary depending on the type of the country, the color range and your taste.

This magnificent style combines comfort with functionality. To achieve it, try adding large furniture pieces, vintage lamps, a stone fireplace, and large windows. Farmhouse interior design is very flexible and can be achieved by adding DIY pieces. Designers highly suggest a gray sofa or sectional since it is the ultimate color to fit every room and looks stunning with wooden elements, such as a coffee table.

Farmhouse Color Palette

The farmhouse color palette is usually very light. A unique blend of pastel grays works well in open spaces and most decor. Pastel color base is probably the most effective and neutral color palette to fit any design. Including a variety of colorful statements will make your space look more attractive. We highly suggest sticking with pastel as the primary color and bright color as a secondary for decor pieces and accessories.

Farmhouse Style Decor Tips

Achieve a farmhouse home aesthetic with these decor ideas:

  • Opt for vintage lamps and linen throws and towels
  • Opt for large furniture pieces that have classic glass styles and a vintage aesthetic
  • Choose a dining table that is mainly made of wood with a vintage finish or an outdoor-style camping table
  • Add multiple photos in the home using wooden picture frames
  • Add a personal touch to your farmhouse home aesthetic with DIY shelves, knitted blankets, and table decor