Industrial Style

Industrial style homes are decorated with wires, pipes, and natural brick. In order to achieve that industrial look you can go for a leather sofa in coffee shades. When choosing chairs or bar stools for your kitchen or living room, we highly suggest making sure your chairs include metal parts and neutral colors, such as brown leather chairs with metal legs.

Kitchen appliances are best bought with built-in equipment, as this will preserve the principle of minimalism, important in the industry. Designers often look at materials in order to feature industrial design and rough textures. Iron, aluminum parts often complement glass, wood and stone in industrial furniture design.

Industrial Color Palette

The industrial color palette can vary according to materials. People often choose black or silver metals to create an unfinished look inspired by factories. Before selecting colors, try to think about textures. Black and white furniture are great paired with aged brick walls. Textured decor pieces balance out the color palette and act as an unique accent in your room.

Industrial Home Decor Tips

Achieve a industrial-style home with these decor ideas:

  • Use metal and stone decorative pieces to highlight authenticity
  • Opt for metal lamps with warm toned bulbs
  • Leave stair railing unfinished or paint them black or white
  • Make sure to keep it exciting yet minimalistic
  • Adding posters of graffiti, glowing signs, handmade pieces and unusual objects of the last century