Modern Industrial Style

Modern industrial design uses vintage factories as the inspiration for its aesthetic.  Metal framework shales and monochromatic decorative accent pieces are commonly mixed with wood as a nod to industrial design. Modern industrial style creates a smooth dynamic when it comes to the visual aspects of furniture pieces and optical flow.

Modern Industrial design features open space and the creation of a minimal appearance. The key to nailing this decor is to ensure an unfussy, minimal aesthetic. Avoid excessive ornamentation of distractive details. The unfinished look is fundamental to the appeal of this style to create a raw design. When choosing modern industrial furniture, opt for dark leather chairs or sofa.

Modern Industrial Color Palette

Modern industrial has a wider variety of color variations than other styles, making it easier to nail it down and balance out your space quickly. You can choose a variety of colors you want just by making sure that you stick to the natural textures and geometric shapes. This style can include metal pieces painted in white or any other color. However, if you want to stick to aesthetics, we highly suggest sticking to one bright color and highlighting it with decorative pieces.

Modern Industrial Decor Tips

Achieve a modern industrial home vibe with these decor ideas:

  • Keep it minimal by using grays, whites, dark brown and black decor pieces
  • Add natural-coloured and green-tone textiles to modernize and brighten the space
  • Add decorative elements made of metal and stone to perfectly balance out the open space
  • Add geometric elements, pendants, decorative pieces and pipes to your home
  • Add chairs with pipe-style feet and a distressed wood finish for a modern yet industrial look