What is ShockWatch?

ShockWatch - Handle with CareThe ShockWatch sensor is a “state-of-the-art” impact detection device. ShockWatch is NOT a damage detector! It is a simple non-mechanical device designed to activate (turn red) when a specified level of shock or impact occurs. The device has no moveable parts and is completely self-contained. Specifically, the sealed glass tube has a small amount of proprietary red liquid at one end (the end you can’t see) and a white coating at the other end (the part showing on the label).

The ShockWatch program encourages all handling personnel to be more careful, helps to reduce damage, pinpoints rough handling areas and is a Win-Win for the shipper, carrier and consignee.

- Provides immediate proof of rough handling
- Is a sensor that turns from white to red when an excessive impact occurs
- Is a visual deterrent to mishandling

Where do I find ShockWatch label?

The ShockWatch label are used for large packages such as Bath Vanities, Dining Sets, Sofas, etc. You should find ShockWatch label attached on the side of the package as shown in the image below.

Package with ShockWatch label

What should you do when you receive your large parcels with ShockWatch label attached?
  • ALWAYS accept the package.
  • An actvated (RED) indicator on the label does not mean that damage has occurred. It only indicates that the carton received an impact or was handled above a normally anticipated level. Only an inspection can determine if any damage has occurred. 
  • If the indicator on the label is RED, please take a picture of ShockWatch Label and Product Packaging, make a notation to that effect on the bill of lading or delivery receipt or document.
  • Examine contents immediately for possible damage.
Next steps:
  • If damage is discovered, inform carrier immediately and follow normal procedure for a carrier inspection and filing of a concealed damage claim. Click here for Returns & Refunds.