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A Style Expressive of One's Individuality

Contemporary style encompasses a wide range of current furniture and interior design styles. This type of design is rooted in today’s looks and preferences. It can be either formal or informal, but it is always relaxed and casual. Under the contemporary style banner comes a range of styles including Urban, Retro, Art Deco, Industrial and Mid-Century Modern.

One of the most popular contemporary styles is Casual Contemporary which may be one of the most familiar contemporary look of all.

Casual Contemporary is today’s preferred look. It is relaxed, casually sophisticated and comfortable. It is modern design, with its clean lines and strong silhouettes, but toned down to allow for comfort and ease. Its design is simple and clean. Its style is distilled from American Country, Shaker and Mission designs but with updated materials and construction to synthesize today’s taste. It’s a design style that is malleable and ever evolving as it blends the influences of styles that preceded it in the 20th century. It allows one to express one’s individuality while not sacrificing comfort, elegance or the quality of craftsmanship.
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