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A Style of Form and Function, Old and New, Historic and Modern

For more than 10 years, the Industrial Style has been one of the most dominant interior home styles.  Industrial Style design is all about exposing all that is normally hidden.  We see pipes, raw edges, metal, unfinished wood, nail heads – the style is nostalgic and elemental. What other styles try to hide, Industrial Design boldly puts on display.


Industrial style furniture is inspired by the objects that were found in factories during the Industrial Revolution starting in Britain in 1760. In these factories, workers operating machines, started to need pieces such as drafting tables, stools and material handling carts. This “furniture” was by definition simple, practical, easy to mass produce and made to withstand harsh conditions. It was purely functional and not meant to be stylish.

Design constantly references prior periods to warmly infuse the present with echoes of our fondly remembered past. This bygone time lives in our memory as a special place. This emotion has created design trends that have seen old or abandoned warehouses, factories and barns converted into spaces conducive to urban living. This design style celebrates last centuries engineering and mechanical innovations. It juxtaposes the raw with the refined, the vintage with the modern.

In furniture, the “industrial” look is the perfect marriage of form and function, old and new, historic and modern. It reminds us of a simpler iconic time in American history when the factory was the basis for our lives. Industrial furniture is inspired by these “warehouse” pieces.  Metal and wood is combined to create original objects or forms that are re-purposed to functional home furniture pieces. Simpli Home uses solid hardwoods such as Mango, Acacia or Rubberwood, or solid softwoods such as Pine in combination with metal structure to create beautiful, original pieces that celebrate this historic period. Whether stained or raw, the woods blend organically with the metal bringing an authenticity and earthiness to one’s home.

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