The first time one of my friends indicated that they just purchased a console table I thought to myself, what? What is a console table? I understood what a coffee table was, it was used in the center of my living room and I could place my cup of coffee on it. I understood what an end table was, you used it at the end of your sofa or by your chair. But console table? Where would I use it? Is it really functional? How could I too have a console table in my home?

Well, now that I am in the furniture business, I fully understand the console table in all its glory. It is a great piece of furniture that you can use in so many places.

Simpli Home-Damien Console TableFirstly, it is great as an entryway table. So, you ask, why not call it an entryway table? Well, that would limit it to being used in only the entryway - and not in other places in the home. Take our new Industrial styled Damien Console Table. It has two removable trays, is 50 inches wide and is made from distressed Elm. At only 16 inches in depth it is great for a larger entryway. You can throw your keys and wallet on it, or display photos, artwork or decor pieces on it.

But there is more that you can do with the humble console table. You can use it in your living or family room. Pushed up against a wall, it is an accent piece above which you can put a mirror, display photos or art, store stuff - so many uses. Functional and beautiful. Our mid-century Draper Console Table is a great example. With two drawers for tons of functional storage, the Draper, which comes in two colors, adds beauty and style to your space.

Simpli Home - Console Table - Accent Tables

We love to use our console tables behind our sofas too. When your sofa is positioned in the middle of the room, it is so naked and looks unfinished. Well that is where the Sofa Console Table comes in. Position this piece behind your sofa and make use of the dead space to highlight your decor pieces and accent the space. While all our console tables will work, our large console tables like our mid-century modern 50-inch Sawhorse Console Table which comes in three colors can create drama in any space.

Truth be told, the console table can be used in almost any room in the house: bedroom, hallway, kitchen, den, office and basement. The only room I think it would not fit is the bathroom - but I could be wrong.