Not All Chairs are Created Equal

Not All Chairs are Created Equal

No longer do we go to stores to test the comfort of the furniture we buy. Now we buy furniture online. Simpli Home is at the forefront of this trend, as we are a furniture company that sells our furniture exclusively online. It is exciting and exhilarating to be able to experiment and create so many new products and let our imaginations run free. But with this freedom comes the challenge of how to convey the comfort and quality of what we produce. A picture and video can only show so much. You as a consumer remain confused - how can you differentiate between two chairs, sofas or love seats that look so similar in their image. How do you know what you are getting?  Why does one chair cost so much more than the other? Well, not all chairs (or sofas or love seats) are created equal. The choice of materials and construction that the manufacturer selects can create a difference in price that sometimes is in excess of 50%.

There are many elements to creating an amazing piece of furniture. At Simpli Home, we go the extra mile and spend the extra money to make furniture that will excite and delight you at an affordable price.

The basis of any seating product is its frame. The frame must be solid and strong so that you will experience a piece of furniture that is strong and long lasting. Whether it is a dining chair, an accent chair, a sofa or a love seat - we make sure that all frames are made from solid and engineered woods that are of superior quality for maximum stability and durability. 

The “undercarriage” (the stuff underneath your seat cushion) is the next important component in insuring a comfortable, quality chair. The choice made here, whether a plywood base, zig zag spring, webbing and spring or eight way hand tied spring, will lead to a difference in the comfort that you will experience. At Simpli Home, we never use plywood (which would make our products cost a lot less), and always use a zig zag spring or webbing, or a combination of both. This high quality undercarriage gives you the great seating experience that you get when you buy one of our chairs or sofas.

The cushions and pillow interior component are also critical to the quality and cost of the product you purchase. Invisible to the eye, the components used when making a comfortable cushion or back pillow really make a difference. There are lots of different “foams”, pocket coils, and batting (the stuff that makes you have a softer seat) that can be used. We only use high density foam, often with pocket coil for applicable seating, and double thick batting on top for a softer seat. Our accent chairs, love seats and sofas normally range from mid soft to mid firm based on the style and design of the seat.

Finally, the fabric. The fabric is where the biggest difference in costing occurs. While in a picture, the fabrics might appear the same, the truth is that there is a wide range of difference in the cost and quality of fabrics that are measured by their look, style, durability and composition. We always select upgraded fabrics made of synthetic or synthetic and natural materials that will be heavy duty and long lasting. We know that you will use your seating in areas of your house that has heavy traffic and we design our seating in that way. We also look at the weave of the fabric and how it makes the fabric look. We try to choose fabrics with style that will make the seat “pop”. Whether we make a chair with velvet, polyester blends, distressed air leather or other, we always put style first and know that you want to see a beautiful piece in your home that will enrich your space.

It is one of the challenges of selling online - how to convey to our customers the extra effort that we put into building our furniture. It’s hard to show and differentiate the quality of what we do, when all you are seeing is a picture. But we are trying our best - making better and better photos in our studio, creating videos so you can reach out and get a better touch and feel of what you are getting, design diagrams, and specifications.