Poufs, Poufs & More Poufs! We are in Love

Poufs, Poufs & More Poufs! We are in Love

Pouf. Just the word make us smile. Pouf. Sounds magical and comfortable. Sounds fluffy and delightful. We love Poufs!

Pictured above: Zoey, Johanna and Renee

In our goal of creating furniture for the whole home, we are ever expanding our product categories to bring to our community great, beautiful and practical solutions to everyday challenges.  Poufs are amazing.  They are cheap and cheerful solutions that can fit almost anywhere in your home.  They are great for putting your feet up, letting your hair down and getting some extra flexible seating for that game of scrabble.  Kids love Poufs.  Your bunch of little or big munchkins can set up camp on your Poufs and play any type of board or video game or just to hang.

Poufs fit in your living or family room, in your basement or bedroom or in any play area.  The only room I would not a Pouf in is your bathroom.  Not sure it would work there.

Poufs are colorful and come in a multitude of shapes and sizes.  They can be furry, fluffy, sleek and textured.  They can have handles.  They can be knitted. 

We make all of our Poufs in India – the center of the Pouf galaxy.  Our Indian partners hand make our Poufs at their factories, stuffing each Pouf with stuffing or beads to make them extra comfortable. They make the fabrics and patterns, stitching them carefully together to make a great product.

Our new Poufs are just gorgeous and come in lots of colors and shapes.  Our plans are to add more and more Poufs as the years go on – because they are just so cute.