Solid Wood Veneers: Unparalleled Quality & Beauty

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In the world of furniture craftsmanship, few materials offer the unparalleled quality and aesthetic brilliance of real wood veneers. Solid wood veneers are the material of choice for many high-end, luxury furniture brands. While furniture constructed with individual pieces of solid wood have visible joints and inconsistent grain patterns, veneers showcase the wood in all its beauty, with a seamless, uninterrupted surface that enhances the appearance of the wood grain.

Aligning with our commitment to use high-quality, durable materials in all our products, Simpli Home has selected solid oak and walnut wood veneers for their exceptional strength, resilience, and beauty. Real wood veneers laminated to the surfaces of a strong core, like a solid or engineered wood substrate, offer outstanding stability and resistance to environmental conditions that can cause solid wood to expand and contract. Pieces made with these premium veneers bring timeless style to a room and have the potential to last generations.

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The Exceptional Craftsmanship of Solid Wood Veneers

Meticulous craftsmanship is essential for the creation of real wood veneers. The process of selecting, cutting, aligning, and applying solid wood veneers requires skill, dedication, and mastery of techniques. This expertise shines through in the seamless integration of veneers onto furniture surfaces, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood and preserving its integrity.

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The Strong Appeal of Real Oak Veneer

A key advantage of solid oak veneer is durability. Oak is a robust and resilient wood that resists changes in temperature or humidity that cause cracking and warping in other types of woods. Purchasing a piece made with real oak veneer is an excellent investment if you want a piece with long-lasting potential.

Oak veneers showcase the alluring beauty of genuine wood. Our oak veneer pieces are a warm, almost golden color with undulating grain patterns—a merging of light and nature that results in sophisticated luxury.

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The Richness of Walnut Wood Veneer

Lasting versatility sets walnut wood veneer apart from other woods. Like oak, walnut offers outstanding durability and resilience for multi-generational use.

Our walnut veneer pieces have a deep, brown color and exquisite grain patterns that evoke a sense of the organic and the opulent. There’s something about its rich, earthy hue that makes it adaptable to different design styles, from traditional to modern. Adding furniture made with solid walnut veneer will immediately enhance the warm, welcoming feel of a room.

A Sustainable Choice

The use of real oak and walnut wood veneers in Simpli Home products supports our commitment to sustainability. Because the amount of veneered wood required for furniture production is less than what’s required to create the same piece entirely of solid wood, fewer trees need to be cut. And the thinner cuts of wood used for solid wood veneers maximize the use of logs for other purposes, creating an environmentally conscious and cost-effective product.

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Simpli Home gives customers the opportunity to own pieces that epitomize the beauty and luxury of real oak and walnut wood by offering products made with solid wood veneers at affordable prices. Customers who value quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship will be enamored with the elegance and enduring allure of these pieces.