The Pleasure of Color

The Pleasure of Color

The human eye can see over 7 million colors. They exist as neutral objects devoid of value. No one color is better or worse than the other. Yet the human mind can place value on each color. My color is better than your color. Their color is inferior to ours. All color is beautiful. It is different. It is challenging. It shows different aspects of our lives that enrich us. It shows the multitude of opportunities that can exist.

When we look outside we see color. Greens, reds, pinks, blues and yellows. A beautiful tapestry of existence that enriches our lives. There is a smorgasbord of color that we can and should consume. Take advantage of all the color that exists in our world and enliven your home with pizzazz.

Have a modern home? Then paint your walls white, get that beautiful grey couch, but then add a lime green accent chair, a red pillow or a turquoise rug. Make your home a visual feast.

Have a traditional home? Change things up by breaking up those browns and blacks with colorful ottomans and chairs. Introduce an eclectic piece of furniture to shake things up.

All color is beautiful.