Bohemian Style

Bohemian style or boho style is ideal for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and unique eccentric items. Bohemian furniture strays from the face of modern designs. It’s aesthetic embraces unconventional, creative, carefree furniture and decor. Boho decor is ultimately up to the decorator—it’s perfect for expressing one's individuality, usually representative of those with a free, relaxed spirit.

Bohemian bar stools and tables often feature natural materials such as rattan and wood to give a relaxing and comfortable look to the room. The bohemian look can be as complicated or as clean as you want it to be. More is more in boho styling—there is no such thing as “too much”. Different types of furniture work well in this aesthetic from floor cushions to a traditional futon. Bohemian rooms have certain similarities in that they are eclectic and share similar features, although no two rooms are ever the same.

Boho Color Palettes

With bohemian designs, since there are no rules, there aren’t standard main colors or accent colors. You can go for a clean look, a bold style, or somewhere in the middle, depending completely on one's preferences. For a cleaner look, use a more neutral base such as white or tan, focusing on the more intense colors in your textiles and décor in layers. For a bold statement, opt for bright colors for décor or even wall coloring choices.

Boho Decor Tips

Achieve a bohemian home aesthetic with these decor ideas:

  • Layer upon layers of rugs, pillows, throws, and more
  • Incorporate vintage treasures, such as souvenirs, or flea market finds to create endless variety
  • Add a variety of lights to create a cozy atmosphere—from pendants and sconces to lamps or candles
  • Accessorize artistically with a variety of wall pieces and designs
  • Use metallics to your advantage—from mirrors to laters, metallics are a great way to add glamor