Contemporary Style

Contemporary interior design is commonly confused with modern interior design. Though the two styles do have similarities, there are also a number of differences. Contemporary decorating is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, along with the deliberate use of texture and clean lines. Contemporary interiors tend to highlight the space itself rather than things. The main focus of a contemporary room is often a large welcoming couch or complimenting chairs.

Contemporary sofas tend to be neutral and inviting, while contemporary tables commonly have soft, round edges. For a contemporary styled bedroom, a tufted headboard is a must-have. Neutrals and shades are the main colors in contemporary style interiors, while black is commonly used for grounding. Contemporary color palettes can be punched up with bright, bold accent colors that play against the neutrals, or punched up with funky lamps or light fixtures.

Contemporary Color Palettes

While neutrals, such as beige and whites are the main colors in a contemporary color scheme, bright and bold colors can be used to create contrast against the neutrals. With neutral-colored walls, accessories like pillows or throws can be bright bold colors such as royal and deep blue hues. Alternatively, if the walls are a bolder color, opt for lighter-colored accessories such as greys, beiges, and browns.

Contemporary Home Decor Tips

Achieve a contemporary-style home with these decor ideas:

  • Find furniture pieces that are smooth, clean, and geometric shapes
  • Add textural appeal with upholstered furniture in natural fibers such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute
  • Toss in neutral colored and textured pillows with clean geometric shapes
  • Use of metal, stone, and glassworks pairs well in contemporary furnished rooms
  • Stray from cute and small—it is more basic, bare, bold, and structural