Mid-century Modern Style

Mid-century modern style furniture features geometric shapes with a smooth, rounded silhouette. This style lends itself to plain white walls paired with chestnut wood furniture pieces. Chairs and sofas often showcase smooth brown leather or textured upholstered seats. In mid-century modern design there are no more rigid forms of early modernity, but there is still an emphasis on geometry.

Another recognizable trait in mid-20th century interior design is that the furniture is raised from the floor. Legs were not only on the  tables and chairs, but also on sofas, drawers and other objects. Most of them were made of chromated steel or wood. When considering the design for a coffee table look for a minimalistic design with geometric shapes. Made of a mid-tone wood, oftentimes mid-century coffee tables have a vintage aesthetic. If wood isn't to your taste, there are various glass and metal options too.

Mid-century Modern Color Palette

One of the exceptional features of this style is that it evokes a fresh and bright atmosphere. Classic mid-century modern colours include warm beige, rustic orange, cognac brown and mustard yellow. Using a warm white as the backdrop to the room, pairing warm-toned furniture whether in wood or leather with contrasting accent pillows and throws will create an authentic mid-century modern look. The combination of these earthy colors and textures help to reflect the handcrafted and organic nature of mid-century modern design.

Mid-century Modern Decor Tips

Achieve a mid-century modern look with these decor ideas:

  • Add a futuristic lamp in your living room to create a modern era in your house
  • Add elements such as books and musical instruments to give the illusion that your space a could be a historical museum
  • Don’t add an excessive amount of decor as the mid-century modern aesthetic gravitates towards a minimalistic look
  • Visit the local flea market for vintage furniture pieces that will add character to your home