Rustic Style

Rusitc style is inspired by the idea of village life and usage of natural materials. It connects a natural, rough, designs with casual furnishings. Rustic design works to combine comfort with simplicity. Heavy wood pieces are the focal point, often accented with elements of glass or leather elements for a masculine, rugged feel.

Rustic interiors are the opposite of modern or contemporary design. The goal is to create a space that is approachable and relaxed without being unpretentious or stuffy. Drawing on inspiration from pieces in nature real, unprocessed woods, heavy stone, and real brick work cohesively to define rustic design.

Rustic Color Palette

It is possibile to add bright accent pieces in rustic design, though less common. Try using natural burgundy or dark green colors to add variety to your rustic living room. If you would like to add cream colors to your design, we highly suggest to balance it out by adding the same color statements to your accessories, such as throws, pillows and rustic coffee table decor.

Rustic Decor Tips

Achieve a rustic home vibe with these decor ideas:

  • Add vintage decor and accessories to balance out wood floors and simple furniture pieces
  • Try placing metal candle holders with a variety of small decor accessories in order to add zing to your living
  • Add trinkets and decor made of stone and metal on open shelves to fill out a room
  • DIY distressed beams using reclaimed wood for the ultimate rustic aesthetic
  • Keep the overall aesthetic rough, aged, and antique to create uniqueness in your space