Traditional Style

Traditional furniture is designed for those who appreciate the classics. Traditional decor is defined by wood pieces such as carved tables, bookcases, desks, or accent chairs, traditional decor often in warm, and dark with jewel tones. The key to balancing colors in traditional decor is to be welcoming, without being too jarring or graphic.

Adorned with classic details and a variety of textures and curved lines, traditional style pieces will often have elaborate carvings with ornate details and fabrics. Traditional design combines harmony and order, while considerably predictable. Consistency is key in this design style—think matching dining sets or living room furniture.

Traditional Color Palette

Traditional decor follows a neutral color scheme, paired with sparing uses of bold colors. Beige, browns, whites and greys are very common in this decorating style. Dark and rich jewel tones can be added to compliment the overarching neutral palette. Typically, one colour will dominate the room, such as beige, which will be complimented with a dark or bright color, such as royal blue or yellow, to add some colorful flair.

Traditional Style Home Decor Tips

Achieve a traditional style home with these decor ideas:

  • Find furniture with tufted upholstery, carved wood and caribou legs for ideal traditional home aestheticDesign is based on past styles finished with fine details
  • Opt for dark wood finishings on floors and walls
  • Opt for neutral textiles such as heavy cotton, wool, velvet, fur and silk
  • Incorporate pattern in soft subtle tones, such as stripes, florals, and plaids into home textiles
  • Enhance your home by adding grand accessories such as vintage vases, candle holders, and chinaCreate elegance to any room without the gaudiness by adding a chandelier, crown moulding, columns, and wood panels